quinta-feira, 9 de abril de 2015

Amazon and Tapajós Rivers...From the best place to stay!

Santarém has the privilege of being washed by theses two rivers, the Tapajós which runs from south to north and the Amazon which runs from west to east. At ten in the morning a phenomenon occur in Tapajós, the great amount of water pushed by Amazon invades the front of the city. It lasts till two in the afternoon. This makes all the blue Tapajós to become yellow. 

quarta-feira, 1 de abril de 2015

March Last weekend River Journey.

At the begining of the Tour
Last Sunday morning started without raining falling as use to be every day during this season, make the day become perfectly to sailing around the Amazon and Tapajós River. I couldn´t be so grateful to share this experience with you guys and make your day be one the nicest during your stay here in Santarém. We visited one of the most beautiful tributary of the Tapajos River on the right side of the river a rich ecological sanctuary of the flora and the fauna of the amazon biodiversity as well as Igarapé-Açu where we had the opportunity to paddle, see, and touch the Water Lillies (Vitória-Régia). Finishing our excursion at the beaches of the Tapajós River. And the Sun again gifted us with one of the most beautiful sunset in the Amazon.

Piranha´s fishing

Water Lilly-Vitória Régia


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