sexta-feira, 27 de março de 2015

March Shore Excursion in Santarém.

Jackson Dezincourt at the MV Seabourn Quest.
During the month of march we received some great visitors to enjoy these marvelous unique sights here. First, was the MV Sebourn Quest during the first half of the month. We had some excursions that departured from the pier to the most thriller and rock destinations around Santarém City in the heart of brazillian Amazon. Maicá Lake, Bosque Santa Lúcia, and the Tapajós National Forest. This period is important emphasizing the seasonal time, wet season and all the views are completly flooded.  Thanks readers. Wait for more news... 

                                                          Guide team from the left to the right.                                                                                    Jorge Cabral, Paulo Henrique, Edmilson, Neles, Jackson Dezincourt, Paulo Coelho, João Renato de Mendonça, Karim Abbuh, Adriano.

Jackson Dezincourt presenting Amazon downstream speech.

Stay awake Gringos

Jackson Dezincourt at the Maicá Lake in a wet and breeze morning.

Ponta Negra in front of Santarém, flood area in late march.

domingo, 1 de março de 2015

That´s why I travel...

Recently arrived from a nice and wonderful and longest trip around Brazil, (I say it ‘cause going to the south, northeast and north it´s has great distance) I thought I should share some pictures about it with you.

 It´s not only the distance but how everything is different and how Brazil  has many contrasts, culture and weather. 



I travel because the search for the New is infinity, like the ancient saying …The world hasn´t ended up yet.”